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Why Would Anyone Take a Cruise Over the Holidays?

If you’re looking for something different to do this holiday season, consider taking a holiday cruise. When everyone back home is stressed and overworked from holiday planning, you can leave all the organizing to the ship's highly qualified staff while you enjoy first-class service on your way to one of the world’s most gorgeous destinations.

Where Can I Go?

Holiday cruise veterans find the season an ideal time to slip off to the Caribbean. The weather is inviting and there are fewer tourists. But if you’ve had your share of the Caribbean, why not try a Hawaiian cruise or an Asian cruise?

You've inspired us and showed the proper way.

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One type of holiday cruise that’s catching on with Americans is the European Christmas Market Cruise which uses the famous rivers of Europe such as the Rhine and the Danube to take vacationers past historic settlements and great landmarks toward the traditional Christmas markets (shops) that are abundant throughout the continent.

What Kind of Ship Are We Talking About?

The vessels used for the Christmas Market Cruises are, of course, much smaller than their large ocean-going brethren. In fact, there is a wide variety of ships available. It’s just a matter of matching your personality and your needs with the appropriate ship.

There are high activity vessels and there are ships that maintain a more tranquil atmosphere. There are ships designed with kids in mind and there are ships expressively for seniors. Cruise lines have devised distinctive ships and voyages to cater to as much of the traveling community as possible.

I'm Not Sure

People who have yet to take their first cruise can always list their reasons. That list usually includes the fear of getting seasick or contracting a bacterial or viral infection. Relax. There are some basic precautionary measures that can be taken to limit the chances of illness ruining your holiday.

That list usually also includes the fear of traveling abroad due to street crime against tourists. Once again, simple steps can be followed to minimize the risk.

Traveling always comes with uncertainties such as getting ill or being pickpocketed, but the odds of suffering from either are not great. Indeed, the odds are in your favor that like so many other travelers before you, you will come to appreciate the unique experience of holiday cruising and continue to make it an annual part of your life.

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